Human Rights Observation in Honduras

I have been volunteering in Honduras as an International Human Rights Observer since May 2012. In that time, I have been involved in situations where international accompaniment was vital to the safety, and indeed the life, of Hondurans who struggle for Justice and Dignity. For this vital work to continue, I need your support.

Certainly before, but even more severely after the military coup in 2009, various communities have been under attack by the ruling elite. These include the campesinos (peasant farmers) throughout the country, the indigenous (which include, among others, the Lenca in the south and the Afro-Caribe Garífunas along the northern coast), LGBTQIA, and the Honduran human rights organizations within the social movement that support them. I have seen first hand the benefits of an international presence. The National Police and the Honduran Military curtail, albeit for brief moments, their brutality against these groups. In addition, the sense provided that these groups are not struggling alone and that word is getting out to the wider world has played a part in providing the space for better organizing within the different communities and better cohesion between the various groups within the Honduran social movement.

The links to the right are to articles that I have written concerning various issues in Honduras.

Thank you for your support!!
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