The Broad Movement for Dignity and Justice (MADJ) along with the 16 communities grouped in the regional Board of the Sector Florida in Atlantida, Tela, ratified their position before the national and international community to not accept mining exploration or extraction being undertaken by the company La Victory in the Nueva Esperanza Community and the claims held by the company Lempira with the mining concession El Socorro in communities of El SOccoro, La Yusa , Buena Vista , and Las Mercedes .

The communities do not agree with the mining concessions because:

  1. At no time have the populations or communities been informed or consulted in order to authorize mining.
  2. The technical regulations necessary for the exploration and exploitation of mineral assets in this sector have not been completed, but with the complicity of government authorities such as SERNA; INGHEOMIN; the Municipality of Tela governed by Mr. David Zaccaro, those are  the ones who have authorized these projects, in which there has been no transparency as in the case of the company La Victoria whose shareholders are unknown.
  3. There is no community participation in social compensation of wealth for the inhabitants and settlers in the area, on the contrary they have been victims of police repression which has also conspired with mining interests through a group of heavily armed men who spread terror in the sector by exercising control in line with the state through the complacency of the prosecution of Tela and La Ceiba.
  4. That the presence of mining companies in the Florida sector alone has caused unrest and alteration of the harmonic form of life of citizens, a situation that has experienced threats, intimidation, forced displacement of men and women who have had to leave their homes and property to save their lives, and judicial persecution of several community and religious leaders in the area.

Therefore, the communities demand and require the following from the appropriate authorities:

  1. From the Police and the District Attorney: That they immediately remove the heavily armed men who have a presence in Florida and investigate those responsible for these acts of intimidation and violation of the functions of the security authorities .
  2. From the Institute of Geology and Mines (INGHEOMIN), the Secretary of Natural Resources and the Environment (SERNA): that they nullify the exploration and extraction permits granted to the mining company La Victoria and El Socorro and likewise demand that they do not authorize any application for exploration and mining in the department of Atlantida.
  3. From The Public Ministry: we demand that you expedite the investigations of allegations of death threats and intimidation, which have been reported promptly to the institution.
  4. We demand an end to the prosecution of the leaders of the communities of Florida and specifically of the Board of Nueva Esperanza and their legal representatives Victor and Martin Fernandez.
  5. From the government to respect the decisions of the people who are the ones who must define their destiny and are doing so within the framework of respect for self-determination .
  6. From the State that they guarantee and respect the Human Rights of the defenders of the natural resources that today, in various parts of the country, are disproportionately the victims of criminalization and prosecution.
  7. Finally The Broad Movement for Dignity and Justice confirms its peaceful struggle and resistance together with the commitment to the communities that defend their natural resources. We will use all national and international bodies to reverse the decisions that have been taken against the communities of the Florida sector and of all the places where people and communities are resisting the plundering of their natural resources.

Buena Vista, Tela, Atlantida , October 5, 2013


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