Judges to Render decision in Chavelo’s case Nov 8th.

Free Chabelo! ¡Libertad para Chabelo!

Here we go again! At the risk of sounding like the boy who cried wolf, Chavelo’s lawyer, Omar Menjivar, has informed me that he has received indications that the judges of the Supreme Court will notify him of their decision regarding Chavelo’s case next week, Friday November 8th.  Omar had no more details than that and this being the Honduran justice system nothing happens until it happens. Let us make another big push!! Please make phone calls and send emails to the court to demand the nullification of Chavelo’s convict and his immediate freedom. Share this on all your social networks and with all your contacts!!

Sample scripts and info for calling and e-mailing is below. Please let Greg ( greg_mccain@yahoo.com ) or Brigitte (Brigitte @soaw.org) know if you call. Thanks! 
Por favor, llamar y enviar correo electrónico a la Corte Suprema de Honduras y exigir que se anule condena…

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