Chavelo’s Trial Day 8

The closing arguments have just ended. Tomorrow the judges decide the fate of Chavelo. The Prosecutor again tried to paint a picture of Chavelo and the campesinos as terrorists. It became clear during his closing argument that the case was totally fabricated around the photo of Chavelo that was printed in La Prensa the day after the incident. He tried to use the headlines and the article, which describes the campesinos as criminals and assassins, as evidence. This was quickly objected to by the Defense and upheld by the court. It is clear that the Prosecutor has nothing directly linking Chavelo to any crime.

The Defense was able to succinctly articulate the manipulations and the fabrications to show that the Prosecutions case is only held together by the lies of their witnesses under the provocation of the Prosecutor and by the perjured testimony of Henry Osorto.

We will see tomorrow if there is any justice in Honduras.

For a summary of each days trial events, please visit Honduras Resists blog


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