Chabelo Morales: Symbol of resistance

Free Chabelo! ¡Libertad para Chabelo!

Chabelo Morales is a different kind of leader. He’s a symbol of that ordinary peasant whose every right is constantly violated just for being poor and having little education, of the hundreds of thousands of excluded Hondurans. His life is that of all those who suffer the consequences of Honduras’ system of impunity, discrimination and injustice.

by Ismael Moreno

Chabelo” is short for José Isabel, but everyone also calls him “Chele,” because of his unusually light complexion. a peasant who never got beyond second grade and never held a post as a grassroots leader, he never imagined that he would become a symbol for the agrarian struggle, a symbol of freedom, challenging the Honduran justice system. That system, aided by the corporate media and the big landowners of eastern Honduras’ Aguán Valley, has made it its business to convince the government, the churches, the nongovernmental organizations, the international community…

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