Month: August 2015

The Impunity and Legacy of Miguel Facussé

Below is an excerpt from an article on the 5th Anniversary of the Massacre at El Tumbador. To read the full article visit: EXCERPT: Ciriaco de Jesús Muñoz, PRESENTE! Ignacio Reyes García, PRESENTE!; Raúl Castillo, PRESENTE!; Teodoro Acosta, PRESENTE!; José Luis Sauceda Pastrana, PRESENTE!. These … Continue reading The Impunity and Legacy of Miguel Facussé

21 US Congress Members Sign Letter Asking John Kerry to Suspend Military Aid to Honduras

PDF of the letter here:08_19_15_Honduras_Letter_Sec_Kerry



August 19, 2015

Dear Secretary Kerry:

We write to express our concern regarding the continued involvement of the Honduran military in domestic law enforcement and traditionally civilian institutions in Honduras, and the Obama Administration’s request to increase U.S. security assistance to Honduras for FY2016.

We also write to request the State Department’s strict evaluation of U.S. support and training for the Honduran police and military in accordance with human rights conditions placed in the FY2015 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Act, full implementation of the Leahy Act, and the suspension and re-evaluation of further training and support for Honduran police and military units until human rights abuses are adequately addressed by the Honduran Government.

To read more please link here: 08_19_15_Honduras_Letter_Sec_Kerry


The Freeing of Political Prisoner Chabelo Morales

Free Chabelo! ¡Libertad para Chabelo!

Chabelo y Doña Moncha

Six years, nine months, seven days. This is the amount of time that Jose Isabel Morales, also known as “Chabelo,” had spent unjustly in prison without any concrete evidence that he had committed a crime. Omar Menjivar, Chabelo’s defense attorney, emphasized this period of time through out his opening arguments on July 24th 2015 in the initial hearing of the retrial. It is the second retrial for Chabelo having the two previous convictions annulled by the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras due to prosecutorial irregularities. The Supreme Court also had intense pressure from national and international human rights groups who demanded Chabelo’s freedom. Chabelo has become a symbol of the criminalization of peasant farmers who struggle for their right to land. He is recognized as a political prisoner through out the world and a victim of the neoliberal land grabbing by the ruling elite of Honduras who have usurped…

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