HROH 2014 In Review


Below is a Slideshare presentation of a review of human rights issues in Honduras during 2014. For a PDF version please click here:   HROH_Review2014 Also, the reference links don’t work in the Slideshare presentation. You will have to go to the PDF in order to link to source material.

Please support on the ground human rights monitoring, reporting, and accompaniment in Honduras. On the ground accompaniment is vital for monitoring the human rights violations that occur on a daily basis. Accompaniment and monitoring help to keep alive Hondurans who are struggling to defend their rights. It helps them in seeking justice both on a national level and internationally. It helps them to seek refuge when death threats are imminent. It helps to end the impunity of those who commit the violation.

Please visit the link below to make a tax deductible donation.

or send a check to:
Alliance for Global Justice Headquarters
225 E. 26th St., Suite 1
Tucson, AZ 85713.
Write “Greg McCain” on the memo line.

2014 saw a continuation of human rights violations in Honduras as the neoliberal agenda of the ruling elite continued unabated. Juan Orlando Hernandez completes his 1st year in office as the President with an ever increasing militarization of the country. He has increased the number of Military Police on the streets and is attempting to have the MPs added to the constitution as a permanent security force even as the violations that they are committing are increasing. JOH is also hellbent on creating Charter Cities, the neo- liberal neo-colonial selling off of pieces of sovereign land to foreign investors without local consent.


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